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hello, I go by Mugetsu on LJ, and my unciorn-self is a Sin You. a Sin You is one of the types of Eastern unicorns, I guess considering how much I've always subconciously prefered the Eastern strains to the Western strains it's unsurprising that my unicorn-self is that type.

now, there is a difference in the two general strains of unicorns, just like there's a difference between Eastern and Western dragons. unlike with dragons, however, it's the Eastern unicorns that tend to have a little fiercer reputation. the closest, temperment-wise, the Eastern unicorns get to what most people think of when they think of unicorns are the Qilin of China and the Kirin of Japan. these two are both known as messengers (supposedly a Qilin came forth the day Confucious was born, and the Kirin was said to have brought writing to Japan). altho many people consider those two to be the same there are some differences. the Qilin has three forms, a hornless female, a one horned and maned male, and a hermaphrodite form with two or more branching horns, no mane, and a chin tuft. the kirin tends to be displayed closer to the hermaphrodite version of the Qilin despite whatever gender it is supposed to be in classic Japanese art.

there is, however, a one-horned creature that shares some similarities to the male version of the Qilin in Japan, that is the Sin You. the Sin You is less like the traditional Western unicorn in temperment, however, and also has some lionlike qualities in its depiction. the Sin You is associated with judgement, and is said to be able to see into one's heart to determine guilt or innocence. it will spare the innocent, but the guilty will be put to death by its horn.

when you move on to the Middle East you find creatures like the Karkadann, a fierce and dangerous unicorn known for its vicious temperment and able to even kill elephants. the only things this beasts holds in common with some of the traditional Western unicorns is its ability to purify water, it's horselike or staglike frame, and the fact it's attracted to women (altho purity doesnt matter in the Karkadann's case).

there's another Eastern unicorn I've heard of which has one branching horn wich is hollow and makes beatiful music that draws living things near it when the wind blows thru it right. that unicorn is carnivorous and uses that music to enthrall it's prey. it's hard finding lots of information on the Eastern strains, however, because besides being less well known there's also multiple ways to romanize the spelling of their names, but as you can still see, many of them are quite different from their Western counterparts.
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Thanks so much for posting everyone! This community is growing fast, I'm really happy to see how many new members have joined - welcome all of you!

Does anyone ever feel that they have a split personality? For instance, sometimes they are they're human self and sometimes they are they're unicorn self? For me, the two don't mix, I'm either one or the other. When I'm around my friends, I'll sometimes swtich between the two without warning and they'll get freaked out. I seem to have two completely different mind sets.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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Hi, I'm Sadie and I'm from Michigan. I write books about unicorns that are warriors who protect the world form evil. Now I know that might sound really little kidish, but it's not...it's rather adult in content. Anyway, I love unicorns and have been working on my books since I was a little kid (though back then they were far simplier and not well written and they really were little kidish...hehe). So yeah, I love anything about unicorns, especially the Last Unicorn. That is an awesome movie from my childhood and I'll never get sick of it because it is my original inspiration to get into writing. So yeah, I'm a writer and I write non-little kidish pieces about unicorns. ^_^
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